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Does dry weather worsen rhinitis?

  Yes. The nasal mucosa needs to be hydrated so that the “hair” (vibrissae) that exists in the nose works normally helping in transporting the air and nasal mucus. When we have very dry weather, in addition to increasing the predisposition of nasal infections and bleeding, many symptoms of rhinitis exacerbate.


Should I blow my nose a lot and force it when I’m cold?

  No. Whenever our nose is congested, we must replace the frequent habit of blowing the nose strongly for nasal washing with high volume saline. This should be done because the act of blowing the nose frequently impairs the functioning of the nasal vibrissae, decreasing the transport and drainage of the secretions. Therefore try using...


What is H1N1?

  H1N1 flu is a disease caused by the virus of the same name, The symptoms are similar to those of the common flu but usually more serious. The H1N1 virus suffers frequent mutations – hence it is extremely necessary to take the vaccine annually, especially in national campaigns. The transmission may happen through direct...


Hearing impairment in Brazil

  Research from IBGE, Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, show that 9.7 million Brazilians suffer from hearing impairment. This figure represents 5.2% of the Brazilian population, of which 2.6 million are deaf and 7.2 million have great difficulty in listening. It is estimated that about 20% of Brazilian children at preschool age suffer from...


Acute sinusitis: what is it?

  Acute rhinosinusitis is an infection of the nose and paranasal sinuses (sinus of the face) that can usually be of viral or bacterial cause. ⠀ The diagnosis of acute rhinosinusitis is clinical and can be complemented with the examination of nasal endoscopy. It means that you do not need further exams such as x-ray....


Cold drinks can cause sore throats?

  Instead of what many people believe, cold beverages do not cause sore throats. ⠀ However, cold beverages may contribute to increasing it. Therefore, if the sore throat has an infectious cause – in other words if it is caused by viruses or bacteria – having cold beverages may worsen the pain. ⠀ To avoid...


We Have Bilingual Doctors!

  Oto Group is constantly focused in offering the best service to our patients. That’s why we have bilingual doctors ready to assist our foreigner patients whenever they need. You can allways count on us!


You listen but you can’t understand?

  Many elderly people come to the doctor’s office complaining that they can listen, but can’t understand what people are saying. This clinical condition is called presbycusis, which is nothing more than age-related hearing loss, which may or may not be associated with tinnitus. Clinical follow-up, with periodic audiometry, is fundamental, and very often, the...


Why is it so important to wash your hands?

  It may seem like a trivial matter, but washing hands is a simple, quick and efficient way to prevent infections from being spread. Our hands are the main transmission routes of germs and microorganisms in general. Alcohol gel is an important ally for hand hygiene, especially because it can be used quickly throughout the...


Migraine can lead to labyrinthitis?

  If you experience frequent headaches, associated with nausea, which gets worse with light or noise, and experiences symptoms of dizziness or imbalance associated with seizures, you may have a clinical diagnosis of vestibular migraine. ⠀ This condition is common and its prevention comes from improving life habits, such as proper nutritional guidelines, avoiding stress,...

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